Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mad Men fashion: how to look good when behaving bad

Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant was once asked if the show's vintage style rubs off on her current wardrobe. "Sure," she replied, "But there's a fine line between looking like you've been influenced by the early '60s, and looking like you're going to a theme party for the early '60s!" In other words: A little period styling goes a very long way.

The dresses at Juno Says Hello definitely chime with this aesthetic. All of our vintage frocks are chosen because they look amazing on 21st century women.

In the new series Anna Camp plays Bethanny, below, Draper's 25 year-old love interest. Get her formal dinner-date look here.

After years of putting up with Don's infidelities, this season sees Betty Draper embark on an affair of her own. Channel her butter-wouldn't-melt look in this stunning floral print dress, below, or dip into her evening wardrobe and style up this sexy black shift with killer heels and immaculate make-up.

Bombshell Joan Holloway (below) knows exactly how to work her curves. We can definitely see her sashaying down those agency corridors wearing this number.

Nothing emphasizes the silhouette better than vintage. Our emerald silk dress (below) is a great example of early 1960s tailoring. Necklace by Little15.

This season also sees Peggy Olsen finally step out of Don's shadow. She gets a new haircut and smartens up her office wardrobe - our Abigail Day Dress or John Camery suit would be perfect.

Mad Men Season 4 comes to the UK on BBC4 in the autumn.


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