Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Vintage shopping in Brussels

I had been planning to visit a girlfriend in Brussels for a long time, but when she told me that the city has some of the best high-end vintage shops in Europe I booked my ticket immediately!

I did a bit of research and there are scores of online guides to vintage shops in Brussels. A particularly useful one is this top ten list of boutiques from the Guardian and this one from Tales of Endearment blog.

First on my itinerary was Gabriele on Rue des Chartreux, supposedly the boutique that kicked off the trend for vintage shopping in the city. Here's a photograph of my friend Sonia (another vintage aficionado) outside the shop:

I found three amazing dresses and bought them for Juno Says Hello. Here is a photograph of one of them on our model, Nora Mixova. It's an early 1950s silk satin dress with a blue and green floral print.

The photograph below is a behind-the-scenes shot of our brilliant make-up artist Helen Pike with Nora. This dress is available to buy online here.

I also came across this gorgeous (and very vampy!) 1960s red dress, available to buy online here.

I'm currently in the process of uploading 25 new dresses to our online boutique. Follow us on Twitter for live updates!

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