Friday, 5 July 2013

Brigitte Bardot inspires Dior's latest campaign

The new Dior Addict campaign stars Daphne Groeneveld and is inspired by 1956 movie And God Created Woman. Directed by Roger Vadim, the film is set on the sun-drench French Riviera and is credited with launching the career of Brigitte Bardot. 

Bardot plays Juliette, an 18-year old orphan who gets a kick out of teasing her stuffy companions with her provocative behaviour and penchant for taking her clothes off... 



The film begins with Brigitte's silhouette visible through a sheet hanging on a washing line - a scene recreated by Tim Walker for the Dior Addict video:

Daphne in silhouette 

In one particularly tantalising scene, Juliette slams a large glass of whisky and jumps onto a table to dance the mambo...

Dior Addict's print campaign urges us to 'Be Iconic' - a nod to the enduring influence of Brigitte:


Brigitte's more risqué moves... 

Tim Walker's full-length video pays homage to the style of 1960s French cinema, using the same typeface for the opening credits as well as the soundtrack from the original film:

The brilliant girls at Pixiwoo have created a video tutorial to get the Bardot look:

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