Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Hats! Part III

This is the third (and final) part of our series on vintage hats. Or fourth if you include this one about headscarves! We've talked about turbans - and the incredible women who wore them - as well as millinery from the 1920s to the 1940s. This post will focus on hats and headpieces from the 1950s and 1960s. Enjoy.


Bettina, c.1950s 

Nena von Schlebrügge (Uma Thurman's mother)

Fashion editorial, c.1960s

The Boss, 1954

Photography by Lilian Bassman, c.1950s

Anne Gunning, Vogue 1956

Pillbox with feather, c.1950s

Vogue Paris, 1954

Photograph by Clifford Coffin, 1952

Model Tania Mallet, c.1950s

Harper's Bazaar, 1952

Harper's Bazaar, 1950

Brimmed hat with sash, c.1950s

Ladies' Home Journal, 1950

Fur hat by Dior

Ava Gardner

Bridesmaids in Harlem, 1962

Celia Hammond in YSL tulle headdress 1964

Hat by Adolfo of Emme, feathers made to look like silk. 1959

Chignon cap by Givenchy, 1954

Hat and lace dress with sash by Balenciaga, 1951

Fine straw hat, c.1950s

Red velvet pillbox, c.1950s

Dovima & Sunny Harnett

Sophia Loren

Mustard yellow cloche, c.1950s

Brigitte Bardot

Sun hat, c.1950s

Feathered headdresses by Guy Laroche

Marilyn Monroe

Model Capucine in a hat by Le Monnier, 1951


Hat by Jean Barthet, 1958

Feathered cloche

Tulle and corsage blue hat

Dame Judi Dench

Marcel Rochas in his atelier, 1951

Vogue, 1959

Simone D'Aillencourt

Vogue 1964

Boater, 1954

Felt hat with bow

Lace hat by Balenciaga, c.1950s

Eastern influence, c.1950s

Hat by Legroux Soeurs, 1952

Vogue, 1963

Dovima (and companion) 1952

Monochrome organza, c.1950s

Nicole de la Marge in a hat by Peter Shepherd, 1965


Bettina in a headpiece by Paulette, 1953

April 1956

Photograph by Walde Huth, c.1950s

Photograph by Leombrodo-Bruni

Dovima wearing leaf-inspired hat

Harper's Bazaar, 1960

Wilhemina for Revlon, 1964

Persian lamb, c.1960s

Vogue 1952

Faye Dunaway

Vogue 1964


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